Long awaited answer to chronic pain

20 years of chronic pain and knots in my back that were so bad I made massage therapists cry. Nothing helped like myofacial release with Curt has done for me. After my first session I slept like I hadn’t slept since I was a kid. The amount of healing I’ve found in subsequent sessions has been so amazing to me. I thought I was never going to live and move pain-free again. What Curt does is so much better than any massage you could get. It gets to the root of the problem and fixes it. I won’t recommend anyone else for muscle pain again.

Melinda Blackham

This Really Works!!

For years I have struggled with back issues. Occasionally that would include horrible tail bone and sciatica pain. I was also bed ridden for a period of time.

After an MRI revealed several disk herniations (one of which was a level 3 extrusion) most doctors I spoke with said I had very few options left (meaning surgery).

I’ve gotten chiropractic adjustments, spinal shots, even expensive decompression therapy. They were always hit and miss and would usually take weeks or months to see results.

Recently my wife had heard about something called myofacil release. I wish we would have known about this years ago!

After my first treatment with Curt I was able to walk and sit again! Night and day difference!

I definitely recommend this to anyone who thinks or are told they have few options left.

Ashton E

Allison Ouimette @ 11/05/2017 05:32

Curt Redd was great to work with! I suffered with upper back pain for years and no amount of massages could ever keep the pain away. During my session Curt worked on my back, but was able to find other issues such as my shoulder and hip alignment and an out of place rib that were also causing the pain. He was very knowledgeable in answering all my questions about how all the three were connected and how he works on them. He continually asked and assessed my pain through the session so that he could make sure he thoroughly worked on every issue. He was great to work with and was very professional.

M. Clawson @ 01/22/2017 05:43

Curt does a phenomenal job. He has been helping me to get my alignment into place. I have suffered from chronic pain for over ten years. After just a few sessions, I already feel like he was the key I have been missing all these years. Not to mention, I have never been to a masseuse who did not leave me with a migraine (for some reason, all massages have made my pain worse!)… but not Curt! I walked away sore, true, but ready to heal and with no migraine! As a female, I totally trust him and do not feel uncomfortable whatsoever. He is not in it for the money. He honestly just cares about helping people. Today he told me not to come back for a while so that my body can do some healing on its own. Who does that?! He’s so awesome! He’s not just trying to get me to fork over the big bucks every week. He really just wants me to heal.

Diane Jamail @ 01/07/2017 04:24

I broke my hip at the top of my femur in June from a biking accident. The surgeon inserted a rod in my femur and a pin in my hip. I did all of the PT for stretching and strength and recovered very well, I could hike and ski after six months which was great, but I could not lift and turn my leg enough to tie my shoe or put my pants on standing up. I tried stretching and pulling my leg but there was just a limit to what my muscles would do, the back side of my thigh just felt tight. I was referred to Curt by a lady I met in a Turkey Trot fun run. After my first session I almost felt normal again, the tightness was gone. Curt recommended two more sessions which a scheduled immediately, I am so happy to have my range of motion and mobility back, thank you Curt for caring enough to learn myofascial release massage.

P Johnson @ 07/02/2016 02:33

My main purpose for this review is to let women know that Curt Redd is a safe practitioner who has kept his focus on assisting me in the process of healing. Initially, I told Curt that I suffer from the effects of Childhood sexual abuse. I expressed that typically I seek out female therapist, because I don’t trust male therapists. Curt was able to accept my concerns. He could have told me he was not interested in working with me because my distrust made him feel uncomfortable. Instead, Curt said he felt privileged that I was willing to work with him. I began working with Curt Oct 4, 2014. In my estimation, I’ve received the maximum amount of recovery because I was able to experience safe touch from Curt, a male therapist. Curt has been easy to communicate with in regard to anything concerning my treatments. Curt is an excellent Myofascial Release Therapist. I wholeheartedly recommend Curt to anyone seeking physical relief.

Charlotte, Austin, TX @ 02/21/2008 09:24

I was feeling very sensitive on the day Curt first worked on me. He listened and then applied a firm, exquisitely slow touch that really calmed me. Acupressure and energy work on just the right points on my neck and shoulder blades liberated my tension. It was a real gift for me that a man could touch in this way and help me feel so safe in his care.

Kimberly D. Fairbanks, AK @ 03/05/2010 08:32

I went to see Curt on recommendations from my Mom and her friend who had not left their previous masseur in over 10 years. I had to experience what they were raving about! I have neck pain and my arms fall asleep. Curt was the first person who was able to ELIMINATE the tingling in my arms. He worked on areas that I didn’t even know were problematic and I left feeling amazing! Curt has great energy, he is very intuitive and has a wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend Curt!

Melisa K, Fairbanks, AK @ 02/12/2013 08:29

I was 43 years old, in pain and needed help. I was referred to Curt by a friend who had always radiated the peace and comfort i longed for after each appointment. He used a variety of techniques to ease the pain and make my daily activities productive. Curt was always sensitive, communicative, and professional. I believe Curt’s innate talents have served to identify and facilitate healing in; * old injuries(cracked/separated ribs), * joints and muscle groups, * energy and emotional areas.

Jennifer S. R.M.T., Ottawa, Canada @ 04/10/2013 01:23

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for 12 years and in that time, received numerous treatment approaches from dozens of therapists. When I was fortunate enough to meet Curt during Myofascial Release training, I noted that he was an exceptional therapist. He drew upon his vast experience in MFR, Craniosacral and Energy work to create a unique approach to the problems I was feeling. I felt tremendous relief from ongoing neck pain and headaches. I also felt safe and secure under his care.

Candy Tingey @ 05/06/2015 03:36

I was having problems with my right foot and I thought I would give Curt a try…hey what is the worst that could happen? nothing right? Well the experience is addicting.
It is wonderful and somewhat unpleasant at times but I must say the results are there and the entire experience is so relaxing and pleasurable …. it should be illegal. My foot is so much better that I am looking at ways to make it hurt again so I can go see Curt. I highly recommend him and his wonderful service.

Deborah McGrath, MSPT, Hudson Valley Myofascial Release Therapy @ 04/17/2013 12:31

Curt is an MFR colleague, friend and highly skilled MFR therapist! His compassion, skills and warm personality ensure a safe environment for healing on all levels. I have experienced his skilled treatment and highly recommend Curt as a part of your healthcare team on your healing journey! Much love and Appreciation Curt!

Claudi, Fairbanks, AK @ 04/30/2013 10:26

Curt has been one of the best healers I have ever been to. He has a way that is rare of feeling into someone’s body to get a sense of what kind of healing is needed. On top of it he has a very calm demeanor and a great sense of humor. He’s the only person that has been able to help me with a pain nobody else could alleviate.

Melissa Clayton @ 02/10/2015 01:14

Curt helped relieve the pain my son and daughter were experiencing and helped them to be able to play the sports they love!

V Rogers @ 02/25/2014 11:49

Curt is an amazing and caring myofascial release and massage therapist for anyone who is experiencing pain. Curt is extremely competent in finding and treating those painful areas of your body. You will find Curt’s therapy to be very individualized and a more holistic approach to healing. I would recommend him to anyone!!

Greg Wilson @ 02/09/2015 03:54

Thanks for working on me during my training here. You adjusted the massages to fit my needs and I appreciated that! Will definitely call you if I’m back in town. Aloha!


Curt is unbelievable !! What a talent this man is. Something everyone should try!! Was of immense help to me.

Merlin Fish

Jon Duda @ 04/10/2015 04:31

Curt specializes in myofascial release, curt has relieved people from shoulder, knee and back pain, all the way to migraines and horses. I recommend curt to all of my customers knowing the passion he has for his profession.

Henri @ 04/10/2015 06:00

Curt has magic hands. He is a healer. I have had several sessions with him, from a chronic back ache to shoulder tightness, and have had great results after each session. The last thing you’ll remember is how great you feel.

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