M. Clawson @ 01/22/2017 05:43

Curt does a phenomenal job. He has been helping me to get my alignment into place. I have suffered from chronic pain for over ten years. After just a few sessions, I already feel like he was the key I have been missing all these years. Not to mention, I have never been to a masseuse who did not leave me with a migraine (for some reason, all massages have made my pain worse!)… but not Curt! I walked away sore, true, but ready to heal and with no migraine! As a female, I totally trust him and do not feel uncomfortable whatsoever. He is not in it for the money. He honestly just cares about helping people. Today he told me not to come back for a while so that my body can do some healing on its own. Who does that?! He’s so awesome! He’s not just trying to get me to fork over the big bucks every week. He really just wants me to heal.