Diane Jamail @ 01/07/2017 04:24

I broke my hip at the top of my femur in June from a biking accident. The surgeon inserted a rod in my femur and a pin in my hip. I did all of the PT for stretching and strength and recovered very well, I could hike and ski after six months which was great, but I could not lift and turn my leg enough to tie my shoe or put my pants on standing up. I tried stretching and pulling my leg but there was just a limit to what my muscles would do, the back side of my thigh just felt tight. I was referred to Curt by a lady I met in a Turkey Trot fun run. After my first session I almost felt normal again, the tightness was gone. Curt recommended two more sessions which a scheduled immediately, I am so happy to have my range of motion and mobility back, thank you Curt for caring enough to learn myofascial release massage.