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9 Powerful Secrets To Long Term Pain Relief

In this video training

I Will Teach You My
Nine Most Powerful Secrets To Providing Long Term Pain Relief
in Massage Therapy

My Nine Most Powerful Secrets

  • Little Known Source of Pain in the Scapular Area
  • Finding the Root Cause
  • Frozen or Stiff Shoulders
  • Treating Runner’s Knees
  • Low Back Pain (Little Known Root Causes)
  • Stiff Neck and Shoulders (Restoring full ROM)
  • Uneven Hips (How to assess and resolve)
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (Effects and Treatment)
  • Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Erasing Them



  • Building your practice up to 20 clients per week
  • Repeat clients with autopayments
  • Gain Loyal customers with FROGGING
  • Add WOW factors to your customer experience
  • The Transition Story and AFFORMATIONS



Joshua D. Chappell, LMT

“My name is Joshua Chappell.  I’ve been practicing massage therapy for 17 years and have helped a lot of clients, but knew there was something missing from the way I was practicing.  Since beginning this myofascial release class with Curt Redd, my practice has improved dramatically.  I have been able to work more intelligently when treating clients and have reduced the effort that I used to expend when giving massages.  Curt has guided me and helped me to become a more intuitive and centered therapist.  He is extremely knowledgeable and his teaching style is proactive; he helps you learn to feel what is right with the pressure and technique.  I highly recommend Curt’s MFR class to any therapist who would like to improve the results they get with clients.  I have also had a lot more re-book with me as a result of using Curt’s approach.”
Joshua D. Chappell, LMT

Click to see the FREE Introductory Class!